It's been snowing out lately, and thanks to The World's Largest Snow Globe, it's going to be snowing indoors soon as well. Standing at over twenty feet tall, the monstrosity of holiday cheer will be arriving at The Pond at Bryant Park next week (December 14th to 18th). Throughout the week, the snow globe will feature live models in cheery winter scenes, not unlike an Old Navy ad.


Why? Good question. In typical holiday fashion, this globe isn't really about giving or pure enjoyment, it's a giant advertisement! For Canada! So check it out, then head up to Ontario, eh. Not sold? It will also come with out-of-globe attractions taking place in Bryant Park. You can check out a performance by the cast of We Will Rock You (the Queen musical), learn how to ice sculpt or get your photo taken with a real-life Mountie! It's so much like Ontario, you won't even need to go to the real Ontario. We're bringing our passport in hopes they'll let us into the snow globe -- but really wish the Bermuda board of tourism thought of something like this, right now we're ready for a beach oasis in the city.