Photo by Ariela Morgenstern

Last year we were all bossy and like: don't bring your goddamn Christmas tree on the train! But a lot has changed in the past year—and moreover, we've seen some things. Bad things. Used, filled condoms tied to the subway handrail things.

So you know what, bring your Christmas tree on the train. Bring a little yuletide joy to your fellow straphangers. Delight the disgruntled passengers with some holiday spirit. Set up this subway size Little Trees air-freshener for all to breathe in. And let us all forget that used condom once and for all.

This photo was taken yesterday around 1 p.m. on the A train. Tipster Ariela tells us this guy and his piney pal were riding the rails for quite some time—"I got on at 34th Street and got off at Jay Street," and he was on that entire time... hopefully amusing those who boarded.