2005_10_artsghosttours.jpgIt's our favorite weekend of the year, Halloween weekend! Ghosts are always roaming our streets and sitting on our ancient pub stools in this city, and this is the best weekend to go out and see them face to invisible face in some good 'ol fashioned walking tours. Yeah, we ain't afraid of no ghosts!

Seventh Annual Midnight Madness with Dr. Phil (not the Dr. Phil of you're thinking of).
Greet Halloween at Midnight! See if you can spot Edgar Allan Poe and his ghostly friends such as Peter Stuyvesant, Harry Houdini, Gertie and the Astor Library ghosts in Greenwich Village and East Village.

Sunday night 11:59pm // Meeting Place: Outside the Second Avenue Deli, 156 Second Avenue at the corner of Tenth Street and Second Ave // $15 // Check out the full calender here.

Halloween Ghost Tour

The Morris-Jumel Mansion is listed in countless ghost books, haunted house websites and was even used as the setting for a 1980’s vampire film! What spooky occurances have happened in Manhattan’s oldest house and who witnessed them? This tour will explore the popular ghost stories associated with the Mansion and let you decide what is fact and what is fiction.

Saturday // Noon // Morris-Jumel Mansion - 65 Jumel Terrace [directions] // $5 adults, $3.50 seniors and students

Merchant's House Ghost Tours
This one is titled, "Death at Home: Ghostly Tales and Tours by Candlelight". Creeeeeepy! But fitting since eight family funerals and nine deaths took place in the Merchant’s House. Evening tours of the house draped in black crepe and lit by flickering candles will explore the rituals of death in the 19th century. Tableaus include a deathbed scene and a funeral in the front parlor. Then hear tingling tales of the spirits some say still walk these hallowed halls.

Tonight // 6-10pm // Merchant's House [29 E. 4th St] // $20

You can also always walk over to 14 N. Moore St yourself and check out Hook & Ladder 8. Why? That's where they filmed Ghostbusters!

So, what other nooks in this city are haunted?