A famous rapper branching out from music and flexing some entrepreneurial muscle is nothing new. Kanye has his fashion line, Puff Daddy has his vodka, Dr. Dre has his headphones, and now Ghostface Killah has his... concentrated weed?

Yes, for those who can't get enough of their vape/weed pen/space-age smoke stick, the Wu-Tang Clan co-founder and bastion of Staten Island hip-hop has rolled out Wu Goo, a marijuana concentrate that comes in flavors like vanilla mango, strawberry, and pineapple coconut ("for the ladies"). To promote the stuff, Ghostface released an entirely new song and music video Wednesday. It's called "Wu Goo" (of course), and opens with a faux-informercial before delving into rap verses about mason jars full of weed and getting naked in a Carl's Jr. restaurant. Stay on message, people.

Ghostface worked with vape pen company Dynamite Stix to create/brand Wu Goo, and his longtime colleague Killah Priest is promoting it as well. Considering it's been years since the release of his personalized, spicy beer and the fact that vaping is all the rage, Wu Goo seems like a solid business decision from Ghostface Killah. At the very least, it's given us another solid single while we wait for him to (hopefully) release Supreme Clientele 2 later this year.