How many Ghostbutsters video games does the world need? Guess one more can't hurt. The NY Times has an interesting little piece on Dan Aykroyd and also reports that Atari "has approached Ghostbusters: the Video Game as a major production in its own right. In a reversal of the traditional entertainment food chain, the game, to be released June 16, will come to market even as planning for the long-awaited third Ghostbusters film remains in the earliest stages. The expectation is that the game will both revitalize and expand interest in the franchise ahead of a new movie." The company is promoting the game as having been written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, but the latter says, “The crassest way I can put it is that they couldn’t have paid us enough to give it the time and attention required to make it as funny as a feature film.” Though the Times says it is actually quite funny, and the graphics don't look half bad either—just check out this trailer.