NYFD Hook and Ladder #8. (Photo by Phillip Ritz)

For a few days in June, Ghostbusters HQ will come back to life, but this time it's going to be in Brooklyn.

Villain, located at 50 N 3rd Street, will be transformed (by the very capable team at BBQ Films) into the firehouse headquarters you know from the original movie. The company's Gabriel Rhoads tells us:

While we're taking the Firehouse HQ as the main theme (we're installing it in an all-brick warehouse with a Firehouse feel), we didn't want to limit ourselves... We're working to recreate and explore several sets in this experience. We've also teamed up with Sony Pictures, which means fans can expect to see film props integrated into the transportive cinematic environments BBQ Films has come to be known for.

This thing will feature "a 360-degree interactive experience, with live Ghostbusters characters, themed rooms, screens showing the film, and, of course, ghosts." It's like the immersive experience you never got in 1984.

As part of the fun, you'll be tasked with helping to save NYC from a ghost takeover, and that collaboration with Sony Pictures (who are promoting the new Ghostbusters) will make the production extra legit. But what about Bill Murray, will he be there?? All we know is that BBQFilms will definitely have a surprise or two up their sleeves, and usually these include cameos from people involved in the film they're recreating... in this case it could be anyone? Dan Aykroyd at the bar? Ray Parker, Jr. on the stage? The Blowjob Ghost? Who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The event will run from June 8th to 10th, and you can buy tickets here—they start at $42 and go up to $77 (that one includes a couple of free drinks and a gift).