Languishing on a hot summer subway platform—it's practically a right of passage for every New Yorker, right? Remember that time you gazed at the countdown clock, watching it tick from 3 minutes to 15? And then, oh no, to a loathsome 24 minutes? And how about that meeting you were about to miss as a result? Suddenly, you regretted the choice of suit jacket that you were definitely sweating through, and you thought to yourself, "maybe there's a better way?"

This summer, avoid sweaty platforms and packed trains. With uberPOOL, enjoy a commute in Manhattan for just $5. That goes for every ride below 125th Street between 7 and 10am, and 5 and 8pm, Monday through Friday.

Just walk a little to save a lot—pickups and dropoffs will be at your corner for the most efficient routes. That means no backtracking and getting where you're going faster. Because the nearest corner is still closer than the nearest station (plus, no stairs!)

Beat the crowds, but expect some company. uberPOOL matches you with riders heading your way, so there may be other passengers in your Uber. And don't be late—drivers only wait a minute. After all, you (and your backseat buddy) want to get to work on time.

Prices are not subject to surge pricing, and A/C is included. It's practically a no-brainer—so why not give it a try? Get your first 2 uberPOOL rides during commuting hours free. Enter the code POOLGOTHAMIST to the Promotions tab in your Uber app, located under the menu icon, and get riding. This exclusive offer is good all hot, sweaty summer-long—until September 16th, 2016 at 8pm.

Want to learn more about your soon-to-be-better commute? Check out the uberPOOL website for more details.

This post is brought to you by Uber.