Joey, second only to Donnie. (Photo courtesy of NKOTB)

As a devoted forever New Kids On The Block fan, it is my duty to report to you that pre-sale for the next NKOTB Cruise happens tomorrow. Big ticket week, guys: first the Phish lottery for their MSG run this December, and now this.

The cruise itself won't happen until next June (the 5th through the 9th), and if you decide to hop aboard you'll be sailing from New York City to Bermuda on a Carnival Cruise ship. The ticket price (which isn't listed, but you know: priceless) will include four nights on the ship, parties, "face time" with the guys, a NKOTB concert, all meals and snacks, a free day in Bermuda, full use of the ship facilities (spa, casino, fitness center, pools, etc), and all the screaming your ears can handle.