Forget salsa workouts or striptease exercises - it looks like Punk Rock Aerobics is the latest exercise trend to come to a gym (or your own living room) near you. A Daily News reporter tries out the workout's moves which were made up by Maura Jasper and Hilken Mancini when they listened to punk rock while watching Richard Simmons. Well, genius has to strike somewhere. It doesn't seem like there are breaks for cigarettes, drinking, or all-around hell-rasing, but since it's Punk Rock Aerobics, Gothamist assumes you can do whatever the hell you want. The definition of PRA (click image at right) does ring true with Gothamist because if there's one thing Gothamist does hate, it's the women who wear full-on make-up when they work up - it just doesn't make sense!

Punk Rock Aerobics comes to NY on May 6 at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square. In the meantime, there is the book that shows J Mascis doing the "Face Down Butt Lift" and has interviews with many rockers, such as Hugo Burnham of Gang of Four.