Has your sales team been practicing their Gangnam Style dance routine in the office? Ours has! But in case you aren't hip to the latest dance trend right now, here's a little cheat sheet before its creator, Psy, comes to New York City for a free concert this Friday.

  • Sometime this summer, Psy's song "Gangnam Style" became a viral sensation—mostly due to the dance routine shown in the video.
  • By August 21st, the song charted #1 on the iTunes Music Video Charts, overtaking Justin Bieber's "As Long as You Love Me."
  • Speaking of Bieber—his manager Scooter Braun (who was just profiled in the New Yorker) signed Psy in early September—they released this video showing them toast to the deal:

And now everyone from Brit Brit to... our sales team is doing the dance. Below, check out some New Yorkers getting on the Gangnam train, as well as the video that started it all. If you like what you see, practice your moves and head to Rockefeller Center for Psy's 6 a.m. free show on Friday. And don't skimp on the nice duds, as Psy told Britney, "The mindset of this dance is: dress classy and dance cheesy."

Brooklyn Style!

The original!