Large faces loom over Times Square every day, so why not yours? Join the ranks of over-sized famous faces with a 50-foot-high version of your own face hanging 48 stories above the tourists.

The chashama gallery is currently running Raul Vincent Enriquez's "I in the Sky" project, which the artist says is about making eye contact (something most New Yorkers avoid). The Brooklyn artist recently told Wired, "We just need more eye contact; it's what makes us human. I think it's really fascinating. It can be the invitation to a fight or a sign that you're understanding somebody."

To get your face on the massive 2,500-square-foot LED screen, all you need to do is head over to chashama and stare at a camera for 30 seconds. In that time, 30 photographs will be made -- but be warned, the "video portrait" will be tweaked by an animator who will enhance certain facial movements and give the piece a "flip-book feel" (video below, one woman even endorses Obama in it). The project runs through April 26th, and it's a rare opportunity to get your face in that space for zero dollars.

The billboard costs $200,000 a month, and is above the Durst Organization's building at 4 Times Square. As a sidenote: Anita Durst, chashama's artistic director, is the daughter of Douglas Durst, who owns 4 Times Square (The NY Times profiled the family's long history with the area in 2002). If you want to view the project online, you can do so here, and there are more videos here.

chashama gallery is located at 112 West 44th St and is open Thursday though Saturday, 12 to 8 p.m.