Gothamist doesn't normally touch on subjects like, say, New Jersey. It's the nature of our being. However, last night we found ourselves staring wide eyed and drop jawed at the film Garden State.

We would like to take this time to state that Zach Braff is a genius. We admit, we haven't watched more than 2 episodes of Scrubs, but we're going to start immediately. Braff, who we understand plays some sort of goofy doctor or resident on that show, wrote, directed and starred (alongside the never ceases to amaze us Natalie Portman) in Garden State. Anyone who could write such a perfect film can do no wrong in our book.

The film itself touches on subjects we can all relate to. A major theme perhaps being that you can't go home again. We've all been there, back in town for a few days hanging out with the normal cast of characters who never left their parents basements. There is something bittersweet and beautiful about ones hometown and the everchanging relationship one holds with it. Braff brings out the perfectness in the imperfectness, well, perfectly. Love, death (as well as being reborn), change, the numbness we succomb to in our everyday routine, finding out who we are and if we can be happy...these are some of what you'll find in Garden State.

The soundtrack is flawless as well. Featuring Iron & Wine covering Postal Services Such Great Heights, the music becomes one of the threads weaving each scene together as well as one of its' characters.

We'll be seeing this movie again, in the theater, and awaiting its release on dvd. Director's cut! Extra scenes! Commentary! We can hardly wait.