You might not believe it, but Halloween is just a little over a month away. And as such, people have already started thinking about what inappropriate, button-pushing costume we might don this year. Oh sure, a sexy Sesame Street costume worked just fine in 2010, but this is 2011! It's a brave new world! But we think we've found the costume for you to make the perfect splash on October 31st: "Anna Rexia."

The costume, which was designed by Dreamgirls, has been floating around the internet picking up controversy for a few years on sites such as HalloweenStreet. They quickly removed it from their site after numerous complaints about bad taste: "We seriously apologize if this costume has offended anyone. The costume has been taken down from our store due to the complaints and we didn't realize the kind of harm this would cause."

But it seems that Ricky's Costume Superstore isn't fazed by the prospect of offending hundreds of thousands of women who have struggled with eating disorders their whole lives—the product is currently "coming soon" (there's even a "plus" size). We spoke to Ricky's today, however, and they told us that despite the "coming soon" banner, they are no longer in the hilariously-offensive-costumes business: "Ricky’s NYC is actually no longer selling that costume and has taken it off their website."