If you've sworn off pants as one of your new year's resolutions, then this news is for you: the annual No Pants Subway Ride will take place Sunday, January 13th, filling parts of the subway system with hundreds of unsolicited bare legs. Hopefully this man will be back to educate people about the wonders of sweatpants as well.

This will be Improv Everywhere's 17th Annual No Pants Subway Ride, a small local prank (it was just seven people the first year) which has exploded into a global one in which thousands participate. As ever, the main rules for the event are one's willingness to take their pants off on the subway and risk however many communicable diseases, and the ability to keep a straight face about it (which has been pretty hit-and-miss based on previous experiences). Our own unwritten rules would include: don't take your underwear off, don't try to annoy or engage with people who aren't participating/are clearly not into it, and, most importantly, don't use this as a license to be a perv.

You can check out a video of last year's event below:

And here's a video recounting the story of the first No Pants ride.

For more information about PantsaCon 2019, check back at their website later next week for updates about meet-ups or after party activities (usually the event starts in the mid-afternoon, for what it's worth).