2006_01_dlroth.jpgSo, tomorrow will mark the first day of K-Rock's transformation into Free FM, which means David Lee Roth will be taking over New York's airwaves. The Free FM bio for the former Van Halen front man and certified EMT is PR pitch-perfect: "By the time he reached his mid-20s, Roth was a world-class frontman with platinum albums from his work with his high school buddies, Van Halen." But, in his NY Post interview, Roth was a little more colorful. When referencing his uncle, Manny Roth, founder of Cafe Wha?, he said, "Uncle Manny was the guy who hired Bob Dylan on January 24, 1961, for the first time in this city. Manny is now 88 and his wife is 51, which means that my future wife just passed driver's ed." Ew! Gothamist would rather he stick to stories about him being an EMT in the Bronx.

Will you be listening to Dave tomorrow morning?