Summer's humidity has been draped across the five boroughs like a damp weighted blanket for far too long. But now it's time for this city's top season ~Autumn~ to float in on a crisp, pumpkin spice-scented breeze and make us all feel alive again. (Until winter. Don't think about it!)

This season comes with many good things—Halloween dog costume contests, corn mazes, this photo of Prince, apple picking, haunted houses, playlists featuring Yo La Tengo's "Autumn Sweater," etc—but arguably the best thing is the fall foliage. Whether you get your technicolor leaf explosion experience upstate or right here in the city, you'll want to keep an eye on the state's fall foliage report, updated every Wednesday.


I Love NY

Earlier this month, Governor Kathy Hochul noted the weekly report now includes an enhanced interactive progression map. "Reports detail the predominant leaf colors, approximate percentage of change, and how much color change has progressed relative to peak conditions," a release from the governor's office explained.

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The report and the map are the work of volunteer fall enthusiasts from around the state. In 2018, the I Love NY team explained the group's passion project to us this way: "In a world obsessed with instantaneous data collection and precision, it’s a heartwarming reality to see that a map created to inspire passionate fall travel is, in fact, created by a collection of people who are passionate about fall."