If you need a reason to get out of the city, why not check out the nation's best coast? Discover Los Angeles, the city's official marketing organization, launched its new domestic advertising campaign, and it's a pretty good teaser for why you should probably hop on a plane right now.

Get ready to check out a land where the breezes are warm, the nights are long, and anything is possible. Watch below:

The new campaign, "Get Lost in L.A.," was developed with award-winning Los Angeles shop PRETTYBIRD—Creativity's 2015 Production Company of the Year—in collaboration with creative boutique REMO+OOB. "Get Lost in L.A." capitalizes on the epic moments Los Angeles is having in the culinary, culture, fashion and creative spheres while harnessing the power of wanderlust.

This post is brought to you by the LA Tourism and Convention Board.