In May, Serious Eats alerted to the closing of a pet food store on Prospect Park West in Brooklyn, as the storefront was stripped down to its original "beautiful stained glass sign from an old, possibly 1930s-era sweets shop." Soon enough a tapas restaurant popped up, called Get on Tapas (get it?), and locals were checking out the menu for the new neighborhood spot...only to discover they were fooled by Hollywood.

Turns out the movie I Hate Valentine's Day, which features a reunited Nia Vardalos and John Corbett, is the source of the confusion. The rom-com is based around a florist who tries to convince a restaurant owner to date her without the fear of it becoming a full-fledged relationship. But the locals are more interested in the menu and reviews of the faux establishment, which are displayed on the windows.

The review prop states that Get on Tapas offers a "modest and casual" atmosphere and offers up reasonably priced food cooked on induction burners, panini presses, and toaster ovens. But kiss the punny-named tapas joint goodbye, locals--rumor has it a liquor store will be opening once production is done.