Bill Murray, striking a pose; Scarlett Johanssen, Murray, and Sofia Coppola in Venice

Gothamist's pick for any kind of moviegoing this weekend is by far, Lost in Translation, the best movie we've seen in a very long time. We were struck by it when we first saw it, and may have to see it again soon as it opens today. It has a brilliant performance from Bill Murray, who is being talked up for an Oscar nod at the very least (let's hope, unlike when he was last mentioned in the same breath as Oscar during Rushmore, the Academy actually nominates him).

Elvis Mitchell waxes about it, calling it touching, hilarious, and sexy, comparing it to other movies about intense, short-lived not neccessarily consummated relationship: Brief Encounter, Before Sunrise, and In the Mood for Love . He also notes similarities in tone to Bizarre Love Triangle. Ah, Elvis and his love of Britpop. The Daily News' Jack Matthews calls Lost "smartly written, confidently directed." has a wonderful interview with Sofia Coppola. Sofia is a "director with a vision," according to Kate Betts in Time.

And the Toronto Star calls Scarlett the festival It girl (Toronto, Venice) with Lost and Girl With The Pearl Earring, the adaptation of the novel about Vermeer.

Gothamist on Lost in Translation.