Manhattan ad firm Leroy & Clarkson, which "strategically repositions iconic brands for the new media landscape" ugh, has just released this Blaxploitation-style riff on Mad Men, dubbed Don-O-Mite. Produced to capitalize on the buzz preceding Sunday's season premiere, the four minute video is a piquant translation of the Mad Men world into classic '70s Blaxpoitation tropes. Yes, it's ultimately an ad for an ad company about ad men, but it's pretty well done, starting with the funky cover of Mad Men's theme song:

"Kraft Mutha Fuckin' Mayonnaise: Keepin' It All Together." More, please.

Of course, it's all very reminiscent of Robert Downey Sr.'s delirious 1969 satire Putney Swope, in which a black man named Putney Swope is inadvertently elected chairman of a Madison Avenue ad agency. He then "summarily fires the whiteys, replaces them with Black Power apostles, renames the company Truth and Soul, Inc., and proceeds to wreak politically incorrect havoc." If you enjoyed Don-O-Mite, you need to see Putney Swope: