News that our favorite Law & Order detective portrayer, Jerry Orbach, has prostate cancer is upsetting, but we're glad that he has been responding well to treatment and we'll send him our prayers. That said, Gothamist never wants to think about Jerry Orbach's prostate again; we rather think of pithy one-liners that Lennie Briscoe would say. But if Jerry even needs some cheering up, Gothamist would be happy to gather up a crew of people to perform a Broadway-style song-and-dance outside his apartment (we'd wear rumpled trenchcoats and warble a tune about having seen it all on the job, too many ex-wives, and the glories of hot dog carts). Our friend Brandon Bird has decided to sell his Lennie Briscoe t-shirts again, and will donate the proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

In other Law & Order news, Michael Imperioli, aka "Christufuh" on the Sopranos, will be guest-starring three of the last four episodes of the season. He'll be playing a detective who Detective Fontana, played by Dennis Farina, is paired with while Detective Green is filming Rent in San Francisco (yes, yes, it's actually Jesse L. Martin). This is the first time on Law & Order that there's been a guest detective (Law & Order: Criminal Intent did have a guest second banana detective to Vincent D'Onofrio's Detective Goren when Kathryne Erbe was pregnant), and we'll have to finally summon up the courage to bug Imperioli the next time we see him in TriBeCa.

Gothamist on last day of filming and Jerry Orbach.