2004_06_artsgerry.jpgGothamist went to see Gerry which was playing on Friday night as part of the Village Voice Best of 2003 series* running @ BAM from June 1 to 30.

Gerry is an art film, and it isn't for everyone. Case in point being that our friend fell asleep about 15 minutes into the film. We loved it though. Gus Van Sant was beginning to scare us with films like Finding Forrester, we were happy to see him return to his indie roots.

We'll give it to you straight...the film is 103 minutes of a plot based loosely on a true story, there is minimal dialogue (what is said is improvised), and the cinematography is nothing short of amazing. The intentionally slow paced monotony will engulf you if you don't reject it.

You can see this film and come out of it saying "I can't believe I just paid to watch Casey Affleck and Matt Damon walking around a desert hardly talking for the past 103 minutes" or you'll simply be speechless, as the characters were for much of the film. Leaving the theater we usually find ourselves anxious to discuss what we'd just seen. Leaving the theater after this film however, we wanted to sit with what we saw in silence. This film made us tense and explorative of feelings we have about nature, fellow man and spontaneous day hikes. We suggest you see it, and if within 15 minutes you aren't asleep...enjoy the trek!

Helpful links:

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*The Village Voice Best of 2003 gives you one last chance to catch the most talked-about movies of the year. This series features selections from the prestigious Village Voice Take 5 poll, which annually enlists film critics from across the country to pick the best films of the year, including undistributed films that are rarely screened in the US.