Last month, comedian George Lopez said he was mistaken for a housekeeper while staying at the Dream Hotel. "I got a Dolce & Gabbana suit and $3,000 shoes, but the struggle will still continue," Lopez told Complex about the incident, which happened just before GQ's Gentleman's Ball. TMZ ran into Lopez at the airport this week, and he's still pretttty pissed off about what happened: "There are better places to stay if you are a Latino with any self respect."

"There's a list of things I might not be confused for: being sensitive; being a personal trainer; stock market guy," he told them on Thursday. "But housekeeper was a little bit insulting to tell you the truth. You think everybody would have cable. And no apology from the hotel."

People Magazine initially said Lopez laughed it off "like the funnyman he is." But the episode stung enough for Lopez to bring it up long after he left NYC—he was at LAX—when he said all this. He brought up the hotel apropos of nothing other than the fact he was "incognito so nobody thinks I'm a housekeeper no more."

For what it's worth, it's apparently not such a dream for the actual workers at the hotel either.