Gothamist would rather lick a subway pole than go to most conferences, but there are the rare exceptions. The second annual Good Experience Live was held on Friday at the surprisingly swank New York Historical Society, and, perhaps in an effort to keep things democratic, we managed to slip in unnoticed among the internet cogniscenti. Despite being late, hungover, and covered in a thin layer of cat fur, we enjoyed many of the presentations, including but not limited to: Seth Goldman from Honest Tea talking about how he started his business by lugging around 60 jugs of homebrewed products from one supermarket to another; Scott Heiferman paraphrasing Bob Dylan ("you've got to serve somebody"); Christo and Jeanne-Claude talking about the evolution of their forthcoming Gates project and periodically screaming at the projector guy to focus the slides; and David Greenberger performing conversations he has had with old people. All in all, an off the hook sort of day, full of artists, bloggers, and guys that make chairs.

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