The Times' Herbert Muschamp gives an appraisal of Frank Gehry's design for a new Chelsea building to house various Internet properties owned by Barry Diller. Muschamp's enthusiasm for the building, which he likens to a ship's sails, is apparent:

With typical Gehryesque frankness, the design appears to reflect New York's present preoccupation with ornamental building tops. If the top is what counts, why bother with the base and shaft? Just go for the crown! Seen in this way, the low-rise Diller building evokes the grand tradition of skyscraper design epitomized by the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and 70 Pine Street. It has all the romance of those towers, but at a more human scale, as befits the horizontal sweep of the riverfront location.

Muschamp goes on to riff about windows and their role on the city's psyche, which is interesting as well. Gothamist likes this design, especially since it does not involve titanium. (Titanium is nice, the Guggenheim Bilbao is cool, but it gets boring when it's overused.)

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