Even though the Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding was two days ago, the Wall Street Journal (paywall) reports that paparazzi and out-of-towners are continuing to wander the streets of the Hudson Valley town, hoping the former first family is still there. They are most likely not. The Sunday brunch after the wedding was held a mile away in the town of Grasmere. However, attendees must have been tired—the reception reportedly lasted until 5 a.m.!

Chelsea and Marc kicked off the reception with a choreographed tango, which a guest called, “amazing. It was like watching ‘Dancing with the Stars.' They definitely took lessons.” Another guest told the Post that former Secretary of State Madeline Albright "was the last one on the dance floor," and Bill Clinton had to run back to the home at which he was staying to change clothes and rejoin the party.

The former president also reportedly couldn't keep the tears back during the day. One guest said that during his dance with his daughter, "Bill's chin began quivering and he tried to fake a smile as a tear came down his cheek. He whispered something into Chelsea's ear, and she wiped the tear off his face. It was so touching." He also toasted later in the day, “Despite the fact that we have had interesting careers, we still consider the most important job we ever had to being the parents of Chelsea."

Of course, no celebrity wedding post would be complete without an incredibly detailed report on the wedding dress. Chelsea Clinton wore a Vera Wang strapless dress which "consisted of a number of yards of ivory silk organza that had been lightly gathered, with tulle pleated diagonally on the bodice. The dress was finished with a silvery embroidered waistband." And though it was flattering, the Times calls it "not an especially high-styled choice." Ouch! The Daily News was much nicer, calling it a "show-stopper...modern, elegant and timeless at once."

Chelsea later changed into another Vera Wang-designed gown—"a tulle Grecian-inspired gown with a black ribbon belt and a criss-cross back"—for the reception. (Her bridesmaids were also in Vera Wang: Lavender chiffon with plum bows.) And Marc was wearing a Burberry tuxedo; Burberry designer Christopher Bailey knows the couple and told WWD, "Simon, my partner, was at Oxford with Chelsea and Marc, and I love them very much."

So that's it, folks, the "Wedding of the Century." That is, until Malia finds a man.