gen1.jpgApparently the definition of celebrity for the Gawker stalker has finally been expanded to include people we know. Witness, a mention of James Tung's friend Genevieve, the extremely attractive designer on Trading Spaces.

"12.30 pm, Sunday. I saw Genevieve, one of the interior decorators from Trading Spaces, having brunch in the garden at Home (on Cornelia Street, in the W. Village) with a male dining companion. She looks shorter and thinner in person than she does on the show. The funny part is that seeing her in my hood was a vindication of sorts. I'm a a Trading Spaces junkie, and a while back, Genevieve did an Asian inspired room that had a lot of details in it that, I was sure, were stolen from Do Hwa, the Korean restaurant (partially owned by Quentin Tarantino), which is on Carmine St. Now that I have confirmation that she at least hangs out around here (and may live close by), I'm pretty sure I was right about the room."