gawker nipplegate?

Not being frequent readers of Black Book, we almost missed their interview with Jess Coen (editrix of Gawker) and Amy Sacco (proprietor of Bungalow 8). The interview was a lot of humdrum about the gossip industry-- and in our boredom we couldn't help glancing back at the full-page image that accompanied the article. Then it hit us-- something is not right with this image. It's not just that Jess is totally falling out of her dress- that's 100% cool with us (just think-- it could have been a nude shot of Jesse Oxfeld!) It's something else-- something so scandalous that we hesitate to even mention our suspicions: we think Jess Coen's nipple has been airbrushed out of this picture. Discuss amongst yourselves.

UPDATE: sources confirm that at least 1/3rd of a nipple was erased from this picture!!! We demand justice for Coen's nipple, and urge Black Book to come forward with the unedited picture.