Gawker's music blog, Idolator, is here. At first glance it reads like an writer and an EW writer are attempting to write about music...oh, wait.

So far they have shed light on things that already have glaring spotlights on them, such as: blogs create buzz about bands, and sometimes those bands aren't worth the buzz! Nothing new there, though they promise to step in and "cover the people who are manufacturing the latest band buzz, whether it's an old-guard standby (Rolling Stone), an absurdly powerful new-media turk (Pitchfork), or an agenda-pimping blogger (take your pick)."

They also "want to steer you in the direction of a good song or artist, which we'll do every day. We aim to be discerning, but not snobby."

Today's mp3 appears to be the new My Chemical Romance song. Nice one.

Related: According to editor Maura's Myspace page, she is currently listening to Andrew WK and Annie.

UPDATE: We agree with the Yeti, who has some more to add.