This morning Gavin DeGraw's publicist sent us a statement announcing that the singer "has been advised by his doctor to take additional time to recover from his concussion, broken nose and other injuries. He will therefore not be able to perform with Train and Maroon 5" until August 24th.

It seems likely that no one will be charged with the beatdown DeGraw took early Monday morning on the streets of the East Village. According to a Daily News source who overheard a cop and a lawyer discussing the assault outside of the state Supreme Courthouse in Manhattan, "the attacker or attackers did not know who DeGraw was" (or so they suspect). And since DeGraw was intoxicated after a night of drinking cranberry juice (so much sugar!), he's not going to be able to put the puzzle pieces together, and you can be certain the attackers aren't going to come forward on their own.

As for DeGraw's state, he's recovering, and recently Tweeted, "Still sometimes seeing double. NYC looks overpopulated."