As July's BSI (Back Sweat Index) continues to rise, it's only natural to yearn for a pool. One devoid of the crowds at the city's public pools, and festooned with eye candy and important people who somehow sit at the pool (importantly) all day. We're referring, of course, to the famed pool atop the Hotel Gansevoort, where only guests or those wealthy enough to afford the $300/day fee can dip. It's as if there's something in water there (besides music). Well according to the Post's cleanliness test of pools, there is: "coliform bacteria," indicative of "possible fecal contamination." Meanwhile the five public pools they tested had "pristine conditions."

In addition to the coliform bacteria, the Gansevoort's pool also showed a "high nitrate count and a high sodium level," which allows the Post to joke that it means "some guests aren't just leaking celebrity gossip." ZING! A biochemist analyzed samples from the Gansevoort along with The Crotona pool in the Bronx, Red Hook, Astoria, Tompkinsville in Staten Island, and Dry Dock in Manhattan (sadly, it seems they didn't test Le Bain, perhaps they couldn't get it?). All of the public pools "nearly meet drinking-water standards."

The biochemist told the paper that "pools do show bacteria from time to time, depending on how many people are in the pool and how many 'accidents' they have." So perhaps someone at the Gansevoort got upset at how long they had to wait for their vodka soda and took it out on the water quality. For a list of the best places to take a swim, check out our summer pool guide. Until then, keep your eye on the two hotties in the corner: they may have dropped their kids off at the pool.

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