Last week on Game Of Thrones, Dany dealt with a problem, Tormund learned about military strategy, and Sansa found a reason to smile. This week on the season finale, Cersei had her day in court, Jon held a meeting in the North, and the Freys hosted dinner again. GOT is all about how people jockey for power, so click through for our SPOILER-FILLED season six Game Of Thrones Power Rankings.

Game Of Thrones Power Rankings Week 10

1. Cersei's Season Of Revenge: The concept of "ownage" has long been a major concern for the Powers That Be here at GoT Power Rankings. It was written in blood into the very first Power Rankings, when we took a solemn vow to root out "who is owning this week" (those vows expanded to include, "Turn Rickon Into A National Hero" and "Never Refer To Whisperfinger As His Real Name Until He Sucks On A God Damn Lozenge"). Like pornography or hipsters, ownage is something that's hard to define, but easy to identify when it's staring you in the face. Think of Dany unleashing her dragons on the Masters in Slaver's Bay, or The Mountain crushing The Viper's skull at Tyrion's trial-by-combat.

Tonight, we experienced the platonic ideal of ownage: Cersei defied punishment by blowing up all her enemies in one location, literally wiping the Sparrows off the planet in a haze of green vapors. She also gave someone a wineboarding lesson in torture; she seized control of the Iron Throne and declared herself Queen; hell, she barely batted an eye at her son's suicide.

This was all masterfully executed on the show: we've heard several times about how the Mad King strategically planted wildfire all around King's Landing and was planning to burn the city to the ground before being stabbed by Jaime (Tyrion brought this up JUST last week funny enough). Cersei herself has been threatening for years to burn the city to ashes for her children. The parallels between the Mad King and this Mad Queen, who has been able to partially execute his vision, weren't shocking, but they were filled with suspense and weight (aided during that gorgeous first 20 minute stretch thanks to the excellent directing of Miguel Sapochnik, who also helmed "Battle Of The Bastards" and "Hardhome").

"I do things because they feel good," Cersei explains to Septa Unella during the aforementioned wineboarding session. The taunting turns into Cersei's closest thing to confession: "I drink because it feels good. I killed my husband because it felt good to be rid of him. I fuck my brother because it feels good to feel him inside me. I lie about fucking my brother because it feels good to feel our son safe from hateful hypocrites. I killed your High Sparrow and all his little Sparrows and all the Septons, all Septas, all his filthy soldiers, because it felt good to watch them burn." Then comes the kicker: "No thought has ever given me more joy."

So the prophecy from the season five flashback has come true: all three of her children have died, just as she has achieved her greatest triumph over her enemies. What the heck happens to a woman like Cersei after she loses all her children, her last tethers to humanity? She already didn't care about most of the realm—how bad is it going to be if she's in charge and she's completely dead inside?

She seems to have chosen power over love. This almost certainly doesn't bode well for the recently-returned Jaime, who looks as disturbed as everyone else by this development. But we're not sure how much we're going to get of Queen Cersei. Actress Lena Headley told EW she doesn't think she's going to reign for very long: "No. Surely not! Not a chance in hell. It’s a moment of punctuation in the madness."

2. The Matriarchy: Dany has set sail for Westeros with her Ironborn ships (courtesy of Yara Greyjoy, future Queen of the Iron Islands); she's allied herself with Ellaria Sands and the Sand Snakes, the current rulers of Dorne, as well as Olenna Tyrell, the fierce head of the Tyrells. Meanwhile, Lord Lyanna Mormont single-handedly turned Jon Snow into a king, Sansa Stark seems impatient with playing second fiddle at Winterfell, and Arya is traveling around Westeros killing her enemies. "Sometimes, before we can usher in the new, the old must be put to rest," Qyburn summarizes to Pycelle before unleashing a group of stabby children upon him. The destruction of the patriarchy is going swimmingly.

3. Daenerys Stormborn Of The House Targaryen, The First Of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals And The First Men, Khaleesi Of The Great Grass Sea, Breaker Of Chains, Mother Of Dragons, Sleeper Of Daario, Inadvertent Incinerator Of Little Children, The Meereen Machine, Into The Distance Starer, High Lord Of Title-Heavy Introductions, Queen Of Nothing, Arriver At Opportune Times, Master Of Smooth Breakups: "He wasn't the first to love you, and he won't be the last." We can't wait to see which dummies compete for her affections next.

It's only taken 60 episodes, but Dany and her coalition of allies and armies are finally headed to Westeros to take over the Seven Kingdoms. Sure, she had no idea about the whole White Walkers thing awaiting her, but we're sure that'll just work itself out.

4a. King Of The North Jon Snow: It is pretty incredible to think that at this time last year, we were vigorously debating whether or not Jon Snow was even alive (SPOILER ALERT: he ain't dead now). This year, all we're wondering is whether the White Wolf is more or less qualified to be king than Robb was when he got a similarly ecstatic nomination for President Of Winter? And is there any chance he won't screw this up somehow, whether because the position is cursed or he is too stubborn to address his sister's concerns?

4b. Baby Jon Snow: So just to be clear: all those "Tower Of Joy" flashbacks Bran has been seeing this season revealed the true parentage of Jon Snow. It turns out his mother was Ned's sister, Lyanna, and his father is (probably) Rhaegar Targaryen (aka, Dany's older brother who either kidnapped her or ran away with her, depending on who is telling the story). You can read more about all of that here, but suffice to say, this could really be a boon to those Sansa/Jon shippers on Tumblr.

4c. Brexit Jon Snow: The only thing that makes Kit Harrington more upset than sexism toward men is Britain's decision to leave the EU.

5. Darth Sansa's Increasingly Difficult To Parse Motivations: Is Sansa just agitated that her brother forgot to mention her in his King Of The North acceptance speech? Are she and Jon on a collision course in the North in season seven? Is she exchanging sexy conspiratorial looks with The Artist Formerly Known As Whisperfinger or is she picking up that his ambitions could pose a problem to her family? Or does she just have a bad case of the heebeegeebees after Whisperfinger tried to plant a Kisserfinger on her?

Regardless, it's pretty remarkable that we've reached a point in the show where Sansa seems more dangerous (and more of a wildcard) than her brother. While we have a hard time imagining her betraying Jon, we can see her pulling some major power moves next season, likely involving Whisperfinger—who despite all his kidnapping, secret-hoarding and Bolton-trading, genuinely seems to be in love with her.

6. Write-In Campaign To Elect Lord Lyanna Mormont King Of The Seven Kingdoms: Or at least a write-in campaign for a spin-off season. Give her and the 62 Mormont fighters their own variety show! She's not interested in small talk, she takes her responsibilities very seriously, she's smarter than any other ruler we've encountered, she's a bit of a hard ass, and she's an expert at delivering a rousing speech.

6.5. Obligatory Basketball/Game Of Thrones Mashup Tweet Inspired By The Positive Responses To Last Week's NBA Finals Content: This time 23% more relevant.

7. Frey Pie: It seems A Girl Named Arya Stark was smart enough to take at least one memento from The House of Black And White before ditching the cult of Face-Shifting Assassin Monks Who Speak In The Third Person And Occasionally Blind You And/Or Stab You In The Gut To Teach You Some Sort Of O Henry-esque Lesson. "The last thing you're ever gonna see is a Stark smiling down at you as you die," she tells Walder Frey with a grin. Between all this and her burgeoning culinary skills, excellent week for Arya!

8. Leslie Jones: I love Leslie Jones' unhinged passion for GoT almost as much as she loves the Blackfish ("I would do sexuals with the Blackfish").

9. Tantalizing New Alliances & Pairings That Are Already Paying Off: House Dorne and House Tyrell and House Targaryen and House Greyjoy and House Dothraki and House Unsullied and House Second Sons and House Tyrion Lannister! Varys and the Queen of Thorns raising their eyebrows at one another! The Queen of Thorns verbally insulting each Sand Snake with aplomb!

...Is this just an excuse to praise Varys & Olenna Tyrell, two tough survivors who should be spending way more quality time together? Yes it is.

10. Tyrion Lannister, World's Greatest Work Wife: Once we realize he had set his voice on "Gentle Mode," it became clear we would get yet another special little scene between Tyrion and Dany, whose pairing has been one of the most rewarding over the last season and a bit (at least when they've been in the same place at the same time).

Even with the amazing battle scenes in episodes like "Hardhome" and "Battle Of The Bastards," the show is still at its best when it gets two characters in a room and lets them talk shit out. Think of that amazing High Sparrow/Queen of Thorns confrontation last season, or Tyrion bonding with Grey Worm and Missendei over wine. Think of Robert Baratheon and Cersei talking about Lyanna Stark in King's Landing, Tyrion verbally sparring with his father at Small Council meetings, or Varys and Littlefinger trading barbs by the Iron Throne. Think of Jaime and Edmure sizing each other up a few weeks ago. Great scenes always come in twos.

And this is the realm in which Tyrion always shines. This time, he attempts to comfort and inspire Dany by talking about his own cynicism, allowing himself to be vulnerable around her. She matches him by asking him to formally be her Hand, a gesture which seems to deeply move Tyrion.

11. Library Nerds: Sam, Gilly & Little Sam have formed what passes for a pretty solid family unit in Westeros. After years of making fun of Sam the Slayer and frequently dumping him at the bottom of the Power Rankings (never forget that time in season four when he left the dragonglass in the snow ~UGH~ it still infuriates me), we only got to check in on the couple three times this season (when Sam was puking on the boat, when we got to meet Sam's shitty dad, and now)...and we kinda missed them! Who would have thought we'd live to see the day Sam prancing around a giant library would show up under a respectful Power Ranking number!

12. Bran's A Tree Now?: Bran won't be The Worst Teenager North Of The Wall for much longer now that he's reached the actual Wall. Although, knowing Bran, his presence at the Wall will probably lead to the White Walkers being able to pass through it (perhaps because the Night's King/Night King touched him earlier this season). Or maybe he's just going to merge with that tree (maybe he'd be more exciting as a tree?). As the Beach Boys once sang, there are a lot of upsides to being a tree—and Westeros couldn't possibly have that much pollution.

Either way, we mostly feel bad for Meera Reed, who must have realized by now that she has hitched her wagon to the wrong Stark. At worst, she'll get to drag Bran around on a makeshift sled through terrible conditions while hiding out from White Walkers. At best, she will have a lot of time to sit around and think about all the people in her life she's lost in order to watch an awkward teenage boy stuff his body inside a tree hollow.

13. Zombie Uncle Benjen's Eyeliner Game: He may be a soap opera plotline come to life who only had two scenes all year, but he is also the best male eyeliner advocate on TV since Richard Alpert.

14. Jaime "What The Hell Did I Walk Into" Lannister: As has been recounted many times over the last six seasons—most memorably while he shared a hot bath with Brienne back in season three—Jaime killed the Mad King to prevent him from burning down King's Landing and blowing up innocent people with wildfire planted all around the city. What happens now that he learns the love of his life has done just that—and is now in charge of the whole damn kingdom?

He's the one who first told her, "Fuck everyone who is not us," repeating it like a mantra as he interrogated Edmure Tully a few episodes back—but next season we're going to find out how much he actually believes that is his only (or core) truth. Will history repeat itself for the Kingslayer and the Mad Queen?

15. Varys' Top Secret Teleportation Device: How else could he have gotten from Dorne back to Meereen in order to then board a ship back to Westeros with his Queen? Next time he should just have them pick him up in Dorne.

The other big question is whether he has been sharing this technology with Jaime (who got from the Riverlands to King's Landing so fast, the Great Sept of Baelor was still smoldering) or Littlefinger (who seems to jump back and forth between King's Landing, the Vale and Winterfell every other episode).

16. Inspirational Ser Davos Speeches In Which He Threatens To Execute Someone: Davos finally unleashed some righteous anger upon Melisandre for her role in killing Princess Shireen, who was burned at the stake last season as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light. "If he commands you to burn children, your lord is evil," Davos shouts as he quakers with rage. "I loved that girl like she was my own. She was good, she was kind, and you killed her." Jon ends up sparing Melisandre's life (maybe because he owed her one for bringing him back to life, maybe because it's never a good idea to murder a religious fanatic who can produce shadow babies) and exiles her from the North.

Davos steps up his game in the scene, which was particularly welcome after he spent the rest of the season either giving Jon Snow pep talks or smooth-talking Lyanna Mormont into joining their side. "If you ever come back this way, I will execute you myself," he tells Melisandre, who really hasn't done anything since bringing Jon Snow back. Why it took Davos so long to get to the bottom of this—whether it was because he was in denial about the truth or just too distracted to interrogate her—we'll never know, but hopefully he can put aside his guilt to council Lyanna or become drinking buddies with Tormund.

17. Sad Daario Naharis 2.0: He doesn't even get to be the mistress. "I'm not angry, I'm full of self-pity. Who comes after you, who could ever follow Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons?" he wonders. He was never one of our favorite characters, but v2.0 was vastly superior to v1.0, substituting the stalker-worthy levels of testosterbro (remember when Daario 1.0 broke into Dany's bathroom in season three?) with a more swashbuckling, romantic attraction. Still, like Dany, we're not that sad about saying goodbye to him—we're more excited about what Westerosi bastard she might end up engaged to.

18. Literal King's Landing: Winter has fallen over Winterfell, and a king has landed in King's Landing.

Goodnight Tommen, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Boners. You were a pawn of your mother, your wife and your religious counselor. Your reign will likely not be remembered very fondly ("Was he the blonde who chopped off his enemies' heads or was he the blonde who fucked his family members?" seems like a likely response to a future trivia question about you). Even Cersei wasn't that torn up about your death (although she had already lost her influence over you awhile ago). On the plus side, you weren't the most disastrous ruler in Westerosi history (although I can't imagine they ever had to endure a terrorist attack by the Queen Regent before this). And at least your death bore new life in the form of this ... meme.

Why exactly did Tommen jump? Was he overwhelmed with guilt over his wife's death? Did he have a realization that he was in WAY over his head as king? Or did he want to get revenge on his mother the only way in his means?

The most tragic part: we never got to see Ser Pounce one last time.

19. House Tyrell > House Lannister > House Frey: Three mighty houses are now in complete disarray after Cersei went full-Mad Queen. The Tyrells likely have it the worst, what with their future (Margaery and Loras) being annihilated in their prime (though at least the Queen Of Thorns escaped to plot revenge on Cersei). The Freys obviously lost the head of their house (and some of his sons, Arya had a very eventful visit), but who cares about the Freys, they are kinda like the Vogons of the Known World. House Lannister took some deep hits too, what with the entire Small Council being eradicated in one blow.

Let's also take this opportunity to praise Margaery Tyrell, the most significant character to perish in the blaze (give or take Bernie Sparrow, but fuck that guy). Actress and super awesome special person Natalie Dormer told EW she thought it was "the perfect way for Margaery to leave the show" because it gave her a moment of some vindication as she tried to warn everyone about Cersei (it sounds like Dormer is especially grateful to be able to work on non-GoT related projects as well).

But she is right that some consolidating of stories is greatly needed heading into the final two seasons: "They have to tighten the storylines given however many episodes are left. They have to focus them, down to get to the real business of the throne. Dany’s not far away. I appreciate they have to streamline and they’ve come up with some ingenious ways to do that that the audience will not see coming. That’s Game of Thrones all over, isn’t it?"

20. Sparrows: After watching Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief earlier this weekend, all I can say is regarding the end of the fanatics is, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

The Viserys Targaryen Memorial Least Powerful Person Of The Week Award: About one-third of King's Landing (or, at least, the King's Landing ruling class) went up in green flames thanks to Cersei and Qyburn. We said goodbyes to Margaery Tyrell, Loras Tyrell, High Sparrow, Lancel Lannister, Kevan Lannister, Tommen Lannister, and even the beloved Lord Oaf Of Highgarden (we can only pray that he gets to wear his favored feathered war helmet in the next life).

But this one goes out to the one-and-only Grand Maester Pycelle—once we saw that glimpse of him bickering with the prostitute, we should have known things were going too well for him. He is the recipient of a fate worse than death-by-off-screen-red-shirts (never forget The Blackfish): death-by-stabby-children-while-your-nemesis-watches.

I'll miss your ill-timed farts and your eyebrow game.

And a special shoutout to Walder Frey, who enjoyed some (literal) finger food before being stabbed to death by Arya.

And okay, one more: the random person who was crushed to death by a flying church bell after the wildfire explosion. That person was probably on their way to pick up their kid from lute practice!

The Ser Pounce Memorial Most Powerful Pet Of The Week Award: The dragons didn't really do much this episode, Ghost was M.I.A., I feel weird giving this award to stabby little children, so...Cody the Labrador it is.

The Hodoriffic Honorary Minor Character Of The Week Award: We've mentioned almost everyone up above already, so let's hand this one to good old Ser Bronn Of The Blackwater, who is never not in the mood for a threesome (even when the ladies fancy Jaime more).

The Honorary Olly Award For Person I'm Excited To See Die, Even If It Means I Am Passively Complacent With The Cycle Of Violence & Vengeance That Will Never Cease As Long As Ruthless Rulers Like Cersei Are Allowed To Remain In Charge: Back in episode four of the season, I noted that I had reached the point where I was "mostly wondering whether Cersei or Margaery will ultimately get the satisfaction of shoving a bell down Septa Unella's throat." But instead of a shame bell, Cersei gives Septa Unella a demonstration of how to waterboard with wine (wineboarding), and promises a long, slow, agonizing death-by-Zombie Mountain. As far as menacing physical threats go, it was not on the chill side of chilling.

And it could have been even worse apparently: "The scene was meant to be worse, but they couldn’t do it," Lena Headey told EW. "This is like the tame version. It’s pretty bad still though. I’d take being exploded in the Sept over that any day."

They Shoot Horses In Westeros, Don't They? Just to pause for one second from this episode, check out the video below behind-the-scenes of last week's "Battle Of The Bastards."

Seven Predictions For Season Seven:

  • Cersei won't agree to any alliances or arrangements with Dany if she can't kill Tyrion. She WILL ask Dany to drink wine with her in the middle of the day though.

  • Jon & Sansa will reunite with Tree Bran. Jon will learn his true parentage, and will probably skulk like it's season one all over again.

  • Melisandre will run into the Brotherhood Without Banners. They will then run into Arya, and Arya will have to decide whether to kill The Hound or Melisandre.

  • The next time we see him, Jorah will have turned into The Thing.

  • Lady Stoneheart will not appear.

  • Dany will be there.

  • Rickon will still be dead.

The Season Seven Questions That, Regardless Of Whether They Are Ever Going To Be Answered, Are Going To Drive Us Nuts For The Next 10 Months: Is Edmure Tully still locked up in the dungeons of the Riverlands, or did Arya free him? Who is in charge of the Riverlands now anyway? Is Cersei actually next in line for the Iron Throne or is everyone just afraid of her? How did Varys get from Dorne back to Meereen so quickly? Is Jon Snow going to hook up with someone he's distantly related to? Where should we address our Lyanna Mormont spin-off spec scripts to?

Episodic Power Rankings, Season Six Edition:

10. The Red Woman, 6.1 Wherein we kick off season six by hopping between various kingdoms checking in with all our favorite traumatized Westerosi citizens.
9. Blood Of My Blood, 6.6: Wherein Gilly met Sam’s family, the High Sparrow outplayed the Lannisters and Tyrells, and Dany gave a rousing speech atop Drogon.
8. No One, 6.8: Wherein Arya broke up with the Faceless Men, the siege at Riverrun ended, and Grey Worm told a joke.
7. Oathbreaker, 6.3: Wherein Jon took care of the traitors at the Wall, Arya got a training montage, and Rickon Stark was hand-delivered to Ramsay Bolton.
6. Home, 6.2: Wherein Tyrion met the dragons, the Iron Islands lost a king, and Jon Snow came back to life.
5. The Broken Man, 6.7: Wherein The Hound returned as a pacifist lumberjack, Lyanna Mormont joined forces with Jon & Sansa, and the Blackfish refused to leave Riverrun.
4. Book Of The Stranger, 6.4: Wherein Sansa and Jon reunited at the Wall, Tormund and Brienne shared some passionate gazes, and Dany burned down the patriarchy.
3. The Door, 6.5: Wherein the Iron Islands held an election, Bran overslept, and Hodor held the door.
2. Battle Of The Bastards, 6.9: Wherein Dany dealt with the Slavers, Tormund learned about military strategy, and Sansa found a reason to smile
1. The Winds Of Winter, 6.10: Wherein Cersei blew up part of King's Landing, Jon was declared King Of The North, and Dany finally set sail for Westeros.

R.I.P. Rickonwatch, 2013-2016 "The past is gone for good," the Artist Formerly Known As Whisperfinger says at one point to Sansa. "You can sit here mourning its departure, or prepare for the future." We've decided to take a page out of his book—instead of mourning our beloved and utterly useless Rickon Stark, we will instead look to the future.

Without further adieu...

Gendrywatch 2016: Will Gendry Ever Row Back Into This Story? King in the Wharf! A chicken in every pot and a rowboat dude in every stream! Long May He Row! What has rowed shall never drown or something.

Way Beyond The Wall: We checked in with an impressive, expansive amount of our main characters, so there were only a few missing faces: no sign of Brienne Of Fucking Tarth or Pod. No Hound or Brotherhood Without Banners (nor any Catelyn Stark References). Who knows if we'll ever see the Faceless Assassin Monks again. Ser Friendstone is still out there looking for a cure.

We didn't take a trip to the Iron Islands. No Robyn Arryn, aka Prepubescent Julian Casablancas. No Children of the Forest, White Walkers or Night's King either, which worked in this episode's favor greatly: a little breather from the more magical side of this world gave us a chance to focus in on the political and personal grudges that had reached a tipping point.

And now to our regular absentees: no Previously On GoT Replay Of Joffrey Baratheon's Death, but we did get Previously On GoT Ghost Of Robert Baratheon's Unkempt Beard and a Previously On GoT Ghost Of Ned Stark's Manbun thanks to that Tower of Joy setup. No sign of Pirate Of Stannis Salladhor Saan (remember him?), no Hot Pie and as mentioned before, definitely no Gendry (you know! The guy on the rowboat we were just talking about!).

Thanks again for reading and commenting all season. Until season seven, here's a "War Pigs"-soundtracked look back at the last six seasons.