With less than a month left until Game Of Thrones comes back into our lives for an abbreviated but undoubtedly epic eighth and final season, HBO has been stingy about releasing too many teasers or footage lest it spoil the long-awaited conclusion. Instead, they've been promoting the show with various contests, including a world-wide hunt for various hidden Iron Thrones. And the final one of these thrones was found right here in Queens.

Queens resident Melanie Joaquín saw the tweet, which included a photo of the throne in a mysterious location, go up around 10 a.m. on Thursday. She immediately recognized that it was located in the battery at Fort Totten Park. Ten minutes later, she was headed out her door.

"I left my apartment building, got on a bus, ran over here, saw two other people who looked like they were also looking for the same thing, but the fence was locked," she recounted to an HBO videographer staked out at location, as seen in the video below. "Then I snuck in here through a hole, and the other ladies were looking at me like 'WTF,' but I don't care, I wanted this throne, so I did it."

In a press release, HBO noted that they chose that particular location "because of its dark and ominous setting, reminiscent of the basement of Kings Landing, where the Mad King stored his destructive wildfire, and where Queen Cersei waged to destroy the Great Sept of Baelor." They added that since NYC would be the host of the world premiere of the final season, "we felt it was only fitting to end this epic quest in the New York."

Other thrones were found in Brazil, Sweden, Spain, Canada and the UK. The best part of this contest by far were the adorable photos of regular people sitting on the thrones:

GOT returns for the first of six episodes on April 14th, which gives you plenty of time to start re-reading the only authoritative Game Of Thrones Power Rankings now.