Gal Gadot defied expectations in the excellent Wonder Woman movie this past summer. Naturally, Saturday Night Live would have her reprise her role as Diana, the Amazon warrior princess, in a sketch. The twist, though, is whether Diana is a lesbian.

Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant ("Dyke and Fats" 4eva) played two women who row to the mystical island of Themyscira, and ask, "Who all here is a les?" After some debate, Gadot's Diana agrees to see if she feels anything when kissing McKinnon's character:

The cold open was the heartfelt, surprise appearance of Jason Aldean, who paid tribute to victims and victims' families of the Las Vegas shooting. Gadot's movie magnetism, however, didn't translate to live sketch comedy as she relied on cue cards much of the night.

However, she was a charming team player, like during the monologue with Leslie Jones as a Times Square Wonder Woman, and portrayed a pretty good Kendall Jenner in a fake E! commercial. The cast around her delighted in the absurdity of skits. Kenan Thompson was as terrific as ever, first in a brilliantly tasteless sketch about O.J. Simpson's first date after being released in prison...

"So OJ, is that a nickname?" #SNL

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...And then as the tough-love boot camp instructor on a talk show. He was also hilarious in a silly desert mirage bit with Beck Bennett, who was commendable in expressing his horror that his mirage fantasy involved the employees of the Jamba Juice he frequented.

Mirages are different for everyone. #SNL

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Bryant is cornering the market in beleaguered mothers, in both the talk show sketch and a Safelite commercial spoof, AND animals (last week, she was a chicken; this week, she played a mouse).

On Weekend Update, McKinnon appeared as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, but Pete Davidson's honest discussion about being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder form of depression was a highlight. He told the audience that seeing doctor and getting healthy was important, adding, "If you're in the cast of a late night comedy show, it might help if they do more of your sketches."

He also appeared in a digital short, returning as "Chad," the oblivious millennial who we last saw as the object of a Benedict Cumberbatch's obsession. This time, Chad was charged with saving a fantasy kingdom.

Next week's host is Kumail Nanjiani, with musical guest Pink.