First: if you haven't seen the superb latest James Bond film, Skyfall, you should go do that. But for everyone who has already thoroughly enjoyed Javier Bardem's metrosexual blonde villainy and Daniel Craig's impeccable suit-wearing abilities, there's an easy way you can keep the spy high going. And all it involves is a trip to Times Square.

The "Spy: The Secret World of Espionage" exhibit at Discovery Times Square is highlighting lots of spy artifacts from the vaults of the CIA and FBI, which includes several Bond gadgets as well as six of the real artifacts from the Argo operation. Check out several of the tools above.

The exhibition also features vintage spy technology like WWII-era code-making machines, as well as some more unique intelligence inventions, like Robot Fish "Charlie," a remote-controlled robotic catfish (yes, a robot catfish) and the Insectohopter, a robotic dragonfly used for aerial surveillance in the 1970s.