Gabe%20Pressman.jpgAs the debate about the former Parks Commissioner rages on, Venerated newsman Gabe Pressman is cheerleading for Robert Moses. In an article posted on the WNBC web site, Pressman says that he knew the master builder.

Here’s his take:

Yes, Moses was tough. And he fought hard against those he believed were undermining his vision of what New York should be. But he was far from insensitive to the needs of people. The Yale-educated master builder -- who created Jones Beach and Orchard Beach, the highways that opened up Long Island and the suburbs to immigrants from the city -- was truly interested in doing right for all New Yorkers.

There’s more:

He was far from the bully Caro described. He had compassion. He had a rich sense of humor. He was deeply devoted to the city on which he left his mark.

And, um, even more:

Many years ago, Moses spoke to me of Caro, who was then in the process of writing his book. According to Moses, Caro was trying to interview him and Moses said, "I'm not going to talk to this guy. He's doing a hatchet job on me."

We wonder who will chime in next. Any ideas? This week, Paul Goldberger takes a crack at the debate in the New Yorker and today WNYC's Brian Lehrer devoted part of his show to it.