2007_04_gabe_and_jenny.jpg Gabe and Jenny do it right. They get great line ups to lure you in, warm you up with some banter and dancing, and then blam! They hit you with their unique and funny sketches and videos . Gothamist sat down with the dynamic duo to see how they got started together and what makes Gabe and Jenny work so well.

When did you first enter the world of comedy and how did the two of you

We met doing comedy and performance at Columbia University, as undergrads. Thats where we met, became friends, and became an insane comedy monster.

What is it about Gabe that makes him so easy to work with?
Gabe is easy to work with because he's funny, confident, calm and collected. I tend to be a bit of a spaz, so Gabe's cool, stoned demeanor keeps me grounded. He helps me control myself because he's a criminal, and addicted to drugs. He controls me.

What is it about Jenny that makes her so easy to work with?
It's easy to work with jenny because she's really smart, really pretty and quick-witted, and doesn't let me slack. I know that she'll always be by my side because she wears a diaper and never has to leave to go to the bathroom.

How long were you performing together before you decided to start your own show?
We'd been doing sketch and improv, along with stand-up for five and half years. We'd been in love forever (according to Jenny), but we started our show at the five and half year mark.

What's a night with Gabe and Jenny like?
At Night with Gabe and Jenny is a funny, dancy, young-blooded romp into downtown/alternative comedy. You can count on great stand-up, multi-media, famous and talented guests, but what people really keep coming back for is our tasteful combo of scatological humor and sick dance moves. We're not just two comics, but a unit with a connection and energy that comes from being true best friends. We think people like that as well!

What would a morning with Gabe and Jenny be like if, say, you hosted your own morning show?
Well, we started the show thinking that we would try to make it a "morning show at night", but quickly realized that not only were we not morning people, but that the show is much more like being at a prom than being in a studio audience, complete with awkward sexual rejection, (Gabe continually dishes out reasons for why he isn't in love with Jenny, and Jenny conveniently ignores him), low alcohol tolerances, and special, coordinated outfits!

But, just so you know, a morning with us is a low-key morning, or a morning in jail.

What's one of the hardest parts of having your own show?
Obviously, the diarrhea inducing panic attacks that revolve around a fear that nobody will come and see us. But actually, people always do, and the crowd is lively, still we can't control ourselves and get really scared for each show. Also, it's hard to look so fucking good all of the time. The hardest thing about our show, (for you), is your boner for us!

A comedy show is kind of like a baby. It needs time to develop, it has to be nurtured, and eventually it finds its own voice. What else is a comedy show like?
A comedy show is like a contestant on "America's Next Top Model": It gets a makeover pretty fast and eats a ton of pizza in secret. A comedy show is like a boyfriend: you wanna have one so bad when you don't have one, and when you finally have one, it's awesome and sluts are always trying to talk to it. Our comedy show is like a house party at Mariah Carey's house, except that the bathrooms at Rififi are a little more "Tanya Harding-style", meaning that they're trashy.

What sort of day jobs do the two of you have?
Jenny is a fired nanny, and Gabe is a top salesboy at Barney's New York.