2006_03_plazavase.jpgWell, perhaps it's not a wise idea if you have a studio. Today is the last afternoon you can view various objects on sale from the Plaza Hotel at Christie's (the viewing is open until 5PM), but you can look at the catalog online and get ready for tomorrow's auction. Gothamist imagines some restaurant or hotel - or maybe a props department - will go for the furnishings, as well as some people who may have gotten married or engaged or met at the Plaza, because most of the stuff is really rococo - gilded, clunky and big. Maybe the buyers will have a 30,000 mansions they need to furnish. There are bellman uniforms available ($200-300), as are some red shoes from Eloise and even towels, while a Louis XVI style table is the most expensive (starting bid at $12,000). Want a Savonnerie style carpet? You got it. But what's certain is that none of this stuff will appear at Fishs Eddy.

The Plaza is being converted to condos. But it will forever live on in our memories from North by Northwest, Big Business, Home Alone 2, and more - IMDB on movies filmed at the Plaza.