Photo by Jen Carlson

If you head to your greenmarket around this time you'll probably notice an abundance of fresh cut eucalyptus branches (aka koala food). We picked some up yesterday, and found this neat tip that ran in Body+Soul magazine (via Apartment Therapy) a few years ago.

"Try hanging a bundle of eucalyptus from your shower curtain rod. 'The heat and steam help to activate the herb's essential oils which can ease congestion...' Hang a bundle with natural garden twine (more moisture-resistant than cotton twine) on the shower rod, away from the spray of the water. Enjoy the scent for a few weeks as you take a hot shower."

Even if you aren't congested, it looks pretty and smells nice! And since large bundles cost just a few bucks, you'll definitely have enough from just one bunch to put in a vase and in the shower. This is almost better than that time we learned about freezing herbs in olive oil.