0807ideas.jpgLast week people started spotting an idea vending machine in the East Village. Turns out it's Road Ruler-turned-prankster Jake Bronstein's latest venture: the Fun-o-meter. The 50 cent price tag may seem like a rip-off when you can get a stale gumball or a dolphin ride for the same amount or less, but check out what you get (and get back!):

  • One fun idea (example: take a ride in the Roosevelt Island tram)
  • A map, in case fun idea requires travel
  • One toy
  • One lucky penny

As if that weren't enough, you even get one quarter back! Bronstein notes that he "only wanted to charge 25 cents anyway, but the machine is configured for 50 cents, so I put a quarter in each egg." For the idea-challenged, this is a quite a steal -- and while it may not be a money-making venture for its creator (around $5 was dropped into the machine in about an hour, but it gave over half that back), the pay-off is still fun.

Got two quarters burning a hole in your pocket? Act now! Bronstein will be bringing it around to different locations all week (check out some tourist spots for your best shot).