All the talk about Charlie's Angels Full Throttle being about female empowerment is a joke, because it's just about a bunch of girls being silly and their T&A. Of course Gothamist knew that, but the evidence is too overwhelming not to comment on. For starters, a painful-to-read interview by Sean Smith of Newsweek, with the Angels, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu. Here's a sample:

BARRYMORE: It is gold.
DIAZ and LIU: [Loudly, imitating Mike Myers from “Austin Powers in Goldmember”] It’s gold!!
LIU: We imitate Mike Myers all the time. [To Barrymore] Do you think he knows?
BARRYMORE: Oh, he knows!
BARRYMORE and DIAZ: Because we told him! [Laughter]
BARRYMORE: We’ve accosted him in person several times.
BARRYMORE, DIAZ and LIU: It’s gold!
BARRYMORE: We get hooked on words and how to say them a certain way.

And if Gothamist wanted to cry after reading that early part, we did actually cry after reading this:

Drew, what are your favorite body parts of Lucy’s and Cameron’s?
BARRYMORE: Lucy’s tushie and Cameron’s boobs. Not that I don’t love Cameron’s butt and Lucy’s boobs.
DIAZ: Lucy has great boobs. They’re so firm. [Grabs her own breasts]
LIU: It’s so hard, because I’ve seen both of these girls—
BARRYMORE: Naked for the last four years.
LIU: It’s so hard. I’m not as specific.
BARRYMORE: I wish I hadn’t been. [Laughter]
DIAZ: I wish I had Drew’s flesh. It’s so even and firm and voluptuous. Also, her profile is amazing.
BARRYMORE: Thanks, Poo. [To Liu] You have the most beautiful stomach.
DIAZ: Yeah, she has a great stomach.
BARRYMORE: You have the craziest stomach I’ve ever seen. It’s... dynamic.
LIU: For real?
BARRYMORE: For real.

Yes, these ladies are hot. But for the love of God, just stop talking. Stop. Don't speak. And aparently, there's a lot of licking going around in Charlie's Angels: Demi Moore licks Cameron Diaz's face. Yes, that's exploitative, and that's it. It's not as hot as Michelle Pffeifer licking Michael Keaton in Batman Returns. Or Cartman licking Scott Tenorman's tears.

Elvis Mitchell almost has an insulin attack after seeing Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle: It's like "eating a bowl of Honeycomb drenched in Red Bull — a dizzying mouthful of unabashed silliness that leads to an equally precipitous crash once the buzz wears off after the film's first hour."