In a subject near and dear to Gothamist's heart, the PBS show Frontline looks at the advertising-marketing-branding machine in a 90-minute program, The Persuaders. With Douglas Rushkoff corresponding, The Persuaders looks to lift the veil of advertising and marketing to inform viewers exactly how they are being targetted. And as many of us know, it's in every way possible, by preying upon our behaviors and attitudes and trying to engage our emotions into thinking we really need that product. Think about your commute to work or your walk outside today - there were probably ads on the walls of buildings, sides of buses, insides of trains, messages blaring from TVs. How can you not watch and listen to marketers explain things like product placement in shows: "If you can tell that it was advertising within the context of the story, it didn't work. It's all about how the writer and brand engage in that very, very interesting narrow space so that it feels natural." Gothamist is an unabashed part of the advertising process, and we can't help but recommend anything that helps everyone underestand it better. The Persuaders is on PBS, channel 13, tonight at 9PM. Yes, that conflicts with Veronica Mars, but this week's Veronica Mars will repeat next Tuesday on MTV at 7PM.

The NY Times thinks the show is a worthy watch. And Gothamist loves advertising when it involves pandas in Times Square.