Mumford & Sons played Queens last night. Is there much else to say? (Getty)

We receive a lot of e-mail. Most of these missives are carefully read, discussed at length among the editors, and courteously replied to in a timely fashion—except for those we enjoy so much that we must publish in their entirety. Behold, a reader who is unsatisfied with our lack of Mumford & Sons coverage.

Here's the email in its entirety (including a few notes from the editor, in brackets).

Hi Jen,

I think you really blew it. I got to work today to read the usual snark about last night's Mumford & Sons concert I attended at the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium. It had all the things you guys LOVE to cover—historic venue [Ed. note: which we've covered before], hipster favorite performers, great food, and even some hiccups. Not everyone with tickets was able to get to seats since it was overcrowded, the bathroom and beer lines were insane, and with all the volunteer help, no one seemed to care what happened. Lots of people were smoking around us and they even let my boyfriend and his friend walk in smoking cigars.

It was a fantastic show and lots of fun, even with the girls next to us who spent the entire concert screaming at each other for long periods of time and then dancing entirely too frantically. The band was so fun, they forgot lyrics, jumped over their equipment that they knocked over and just had an amazing time.

What happened? [In short, life. This week's been kind of weird, honestly. Do you have time to talk? It's as if you emailed a real human being, not some Content Generating Robot.] Were you too busy covering empty stores with "bespoke wallpaper" designers? Or sci-fi boat cruises with 300 attendees? I think the re-birth of one of the best venues in NYC that was covered by everyone else (AP, NY Times, Huffington Post) but in a very generic way was a missed opportunity for you. It could have benefited from a first person story. There was lots to cover and you really screwed this one up. [Each of us is taking a turn in the corner today with a cat o' nine tails while listening to "Hopeless Wanderer."]

Is it just what I have feared—Gothamist refuses to cover Queens?!? [Yes, and we're not starting today]. I've lived in Astoria for 7 years now, and I'm happy that Queens is sort of the red headed step child of the boroughs. You can keep Manhattan and Brooklyn, I love my 'hood and how homey and comfortable (not to mention affordable) it is. BUT, when something like this that causes thousands of people from all the boroughs and rest of the metro area to come to Queens, I want to see it in Gothamist! I love Lena Dunham, but I don't care about her wallpaper. [Fine, may we interest you in some Mike D wallpaper?]