2005_04_artsbeforeafter.jpgRemember when Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy first met on that eurotrain back in 1995? No? Well they probably don't remember all the details either, but they attempt to recall the memories of their brief time together just 9 years after the fact. Catch their first encounter and their last(?) as Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, which was nominated for a Best Screenplay Oscar this year, play back to back at the Steinhardt Building [35 West 67th Street].

The double feature is tonight, Before Sunrise will begin at 7:30pm. Bring $15 for admission, and if you're like us bring tissues as well, we don't know why but these emotionally philosophical chat-fests make us weepy. Oh Richard Linklater, drawing closer together the lines of whimsy and cynicism!

More details here. And as an added bonus, chat with Cinematographer Lee Daniel in person after both screenings.