After the ongoing disaster/amusement park ride that is Spider Man: Zero Dark Thirty Turn Off The Dark, the show's original director Julie Taymor has decided on her next theatrical project. She's going back to her basics and directing Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream to kick off the Theater for a New Audience's new Brooklyn home. And considering Taymor's undeniable talents with puppets, theatrical costumes and Shakespeare this could actually be good! Just please, no flying fairies?

Taymor is still figuring out what she'll be doing with the show, which will open in October, but we really hope it will involve her old standards. We've still got vivid memories of her mesmerizing fire-throwing puppets in Juan Derian. One thing she does know, however, is that the show won't be big budget (like the $75 million Spidey) and won't be set in a particular time. According to the Times, "She did say that she may include children and teenagers in the cast, after recently holding a workshop of the play with children 'to play with their energy and physicality and to think about raw elemental energy.'"

Considering Taymor's history of interesting interpretations of Shakespeare on stage and screen (see: Titus Andronicus, The Tempest), we're actually excited for this.

Meanwhile, Taymor has yet to settle her long-simmering dispute with the producers of Spider-Man, who unceremoniously kicked her off the flailing production mid-previews amidst many injuries and bad press. But apparently a settlement is imminent. We're sure Bono will be drinking to that news.