Gothamist was trying to free up our Sunday nights for mindless TV, but we got sucked into watching the Sopranos final season premiere. And was it a doozy. It had been way too long since we'd seen Silvio's hair and heard a bad joke from Christopher. We wonder if James Gandolfini partakes in Method Acting when he eats sushi and needs to get hefty for the part (we think yes). Anyway, we're not getting into too many details now, knowing that some of you may have TiVo'd, but we're very excited to hate Meadow (how long is Finn gonna last?) and A.J. (he's got long hair!) and wonder how long Tony and the crew last with the feds moving in on them. What did you think of last night's episode?

Here's a Newsweek interview with David Chase. And did anyone happen to see Law & Order Criminal Intent last night? It was totally a spoof on Rupert Murdoch, his Chinese wife Wendi Deng, and the power struggle for New Corp - just with more murder. And it was kind of awesome, because it involved implications of kinky sex, xenophobia and a growling Malcolm McDowell.