Rao's in East Harlem

Last night's episode of Law & Order, "Everybody Love's Raimondo's," featured murders at an uptown, mobster-and-celebrity restaurant, spurred on by a man heckling a woman who was singing. This means that the ripped-from-the-headlines-to-your-TV turnaround time was a little under 4 months, as this was based on the murder at Rao's. The episode even featured a murderer named "Bumpy," much like the Rao's gunman, Louis "Lump Lump" Barone. Of course, the real murder was of a Hollywood producer by a wannabe mobster turned wannabe Hollywood player. Which reminded us that Get Shorty is a really good movie. And we really want to go to Rao's.

Of course, Gothamist is extremely excited about next week's episode, "Three Strikes and Your Out," which we saw being filmed a few weeks ago:

When the most hated Yankee's fan in New York is stabbed to death at a local dive bar, Detectives Briscoe and Green search for a suspect believing the killer to be a vengeful baseball fan. However, when their prime suspect turns out to be a recently released convict who had been serving a twenty year sentence for a murder he did not commit, the detectives adopt a new theory on the motive for this murder.

The episode is loosely inspired by Chicago Cubs fan Steve Bartman who plucked a possible fly out ball, during the NLCS.