Forget that Martha Stewart is out of prison, ready to make everything she can get her hands on perfect. Gothamist is most excited about seeing the chow chows! They are so fluffy and bear-like, yet not bears. Anyway, Gothamist has been examining Martha's post-prison fashion choices. Last night, she chose to wear jeans and a knit poncho as she left prison. Surprisingly modest, as Martha reportedly lost 20 pounds, but we suppose it was warm. And today, she wore a quilted cream colored barn jacket, baby blue sweater and black leggings. Clearly, she's not diving into the furs or the obvious expensive accessories just yet.

And, while assistants distributed hot chocolate to the media gathered outside her house, Martha waxed about lemons:

"I really love lemons. These are the first lemons I've had in five months. I really missed some lemons. I miss my family and friends, but I could see them."

Well, we know what one does with lemons. Martha will probably making her way back in the city some time next week - we expect the Save Martha crew to be at the West 26th Street offices, holding a vigil.

Photo of one of Martha Stewart's chow chows from Reuters