Hey, if you're going to drop over $50,000 on tuition at one of the nation's best schools, you should get taught by the best of the best, right? Intellectual powerhouses, real braniacs, Serious Academic Figures...like Vinny from the Jersey Shore.

Vinny Guadagnino was on campus at Columbia University's Hamilton Hall yesterday to give a quick guest lecture in Professor Diane Vaughan’s sociology class, "Mistake, Misconduct, Disaster." Vinny, who was last seen proclaiming "eff the government, I'm part of the 99% right now," gave a lecture on...bullying. (It's not the first time he's talked about it, either.) Apparently, Vinny works with the anti-bullying group Do Something, and was invited to the class by a student who's an intern at the organization.

Vinny might not have a bright future in academia, if early feedback from his lecture is any indication. TMZ reports that one student called out, "What gives you, as a cast member of Jersey Shore, the right to interrupt this class and then lecture us on setting a good example?" Student commentors on Columbia's Bwog noted that "The thrust of his speech in Vaughan’s class was about how we can all set good examples in the world, stop violence before it escalates, and be models for polite society. He also sprinkled in things like, “DON’T ASK ABOUT ME AND SNOOKY [sic] IN BED!” Maybe don't give up that day job, Vinny.