This may be happening.

Can Daniel Radcliffe, fresh off a decade-long Harry Potter run, really pull off playing Allen Ginsberg? He's the latest actor to be cast as the Beat icon, in a movie coming out next year called Kill Your Darlings. The movie has actually been in development for a couple of years, and originally Jesse Eisenberg was rumored to be playing Ginsberg.

This latest feature (how many movies are there on these guys now?) will focus on the relationship between Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and Lucien Carr (who introduced the other two while at Columbia University). Carr also murdered David Kammerer, a man who was either his lover or obsessed with him, and Kerouac helped him dispose of his belongings in Morningside Heights. Though it's unclear if this will be covered in the movie, as the story involves William S. Burroughs as well—he is the first person Carr confessed to, and who advised he turn himself in—and there has been no word of Burroughs being portrayed in this film.

As for the others: Captain America Chris Evans was rumored to be cast as Kerouac, and Ben Whishaw as Carr—though /Film reports today that those two may have dropped off the casting list.

Fun fact: other actors who have portrayed Ginsberg include Hank Azaria, David Cross, John Turturro, Ron Livingston and most recently, James Franco. But we prefer footage of the original:

And don't forget, Kerouac's On The Road will be coming to the big screen next year too, featuring Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, and other Young Hollywood stars acting out the scroll.